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Preserving Native Hawaiian cultural sites requires ongoing commitment and resources. Please help Hoakalei Cultural Foundation in supporting this worthwhile mission by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation.

Together let us seek to ensure community support and investment in the care of these sites so that they continue to instruct and enrich Hawai‘i and the world, now and in generations to come.


Ways to Kokua



Volunteering your time and mana‘o at one of our community workshops is the first step you can take in helping to perpetuate Native Hawaiian culture. We are looking for volunteers to help maintain the preserves by pulling weeds and tending and propagating native plants. We also need help monitoring the integrity of the rock features so we can quickly repair any damage that occurs. 


The Hoakalei Cultural Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. You can show your support for the Foundation’s preservation activities and programs by making an annual donation or a one-time gift.



Annual donations are pledges of small recurring gifts. They represent long-term support for the Foundation and its activities. There are three levels of annual donation:


$10 for students 18 years of age or younger


$25 for adults


$100 for Community Supporters, who will receive advance notice of events/workshops.


Generous gifts to the Foundation entitle the donor to a personal tour of one or more of the Foundation’s cultural preserves. The personal tour will be led by an HCF board member and an archaeologist who will share insights into the history of place gleaned from written and oral tradition and the results of scientific research.


Friends of the Foundation who give $1,000 or more will be guided through the Kauhale Preserve, which the Foundation uses to promote place-based educational opportunities for students. 


Friends of the Foundation who give $3,000 or more will be guided through both the Kauhale and Kuapapa Preserves. Kuapapa contains evidence for land uses beginning in the traditional Hawaiian era, continuing through military occupation in World War II, and after, when a commercial operation raised pigs for market.


Friends who give $5,000 or more will be guided through all three archaeological preservation areas at Hoakalei - the Kauhale, Kuapapa, and Ahu Preserves. The Ahu Preserve includes the remains of a shrine that is one of the largest traditional Hawaiian structures along this section of O‘ahu’s coastline.



The Hoakalei Cultural Foundation has developed and is implementing programs of stewardship to care for cultural-historic site preservation areas. The programs are being coordinated with many partners ranging from governmental agencies, to Native Hawaiian organizations, community members, resource specialists and Haseko Inc. While recognizing that many changes have occurred, and will occur with the passing of time, the Foundation’s programs seek to honor the land, kūpuna and history of place, and enrich the lives of those who touch the ‘āina (land and natural environment) of Honouliuli.

The link below takes viewers to an annotated summary of the on-going stewardship programs of the Foundation, providing background on sites, resources and contributors.

Hoakalei Cultural Foundation Stewardship Programs

For information on how to join in the stewardship efforts, please email Kimberly Kalama at

Also, this information will be periodically updated as progress is made, so please visit again.

"Maika‘i ka hana a ka lima, ‘ono no ‘ai a ka waha! — When the hands do good work, the mouth has good food to eat! 
(A Hawaiian proverb handed down over the generations.)