Public Notice: No Trespassing

The following public notice indicates that the named lands of Honouliuli are private and advises against trespassing on them. It implies that ranching activities are occurring in the area.

All persons are hereby cautioned against trespassing on the lands called Poupouwela, Kapa Aina Kalo, Pauhi, and Oneula, situated in the Ahupuaa of Honouliuli, Island of Oahu, and will take notice that if they trespass on either said lands, by running cattle, horses or other stock thereon or in any otherwise, that they will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

A. A. Haalelea
J. H. Coney, Trustee.
December 12th, 1871.1

1Public Notice, Hawaiian Gazette, January 3, 1872, p. 6.

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The following is from the records of the Boundary Commission. It is an application of A. A. Haalelea, who owns the ahupuaa of Honouliuli, and it designates the boundaries of the ahupuaa.

To the Honorable W. P. Kamakau

Commissioner Boundaries for the Island of Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands.

The undersigned applicant represents that she is the owner of the Ahupuaa called Honouliuli, situated in the District of Ewa, Island of Oahu aforesaid; that the same was awarded by name to Mikahela Kekauonohi, dec’d. by Land Commission Award No. 11216; – that the same has not been awarded by the Land Commission, patented or conveyed by Deed from the King by boundaries described in such award, patent or Deed; and therefore she respectfully requests that the boundaries of said Ahupuaa may be settled by Your Honorable Commission, and to that end makes this application to have the boundaries of said land decided and certified by you as Commissioner of Boundaries as aforesaid.

Pursuant to the statute, the Undersigned applicant represents that the name of the land is Honouliuli, in the District of Ewa, Island of Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands; that the following are the names of the adjoining lands, and the names of the owners of the same, so far as known to the undersigned applicant, to wit. “Waianae” – Crown Land; “Nanakuli” – Crown Land; “Pouhala,” owned by J. Robinson; “Waikakalaua” – Crown Land in possession of J. Robinson; “Hoaeae,” owned by J. Robinson; “Waikele,” owned by K. Komoikehuehu; “Waipio,” owned by Estate John Ii, deceased; “Halawa,” owned by Dowager Queen Emma.

That the undersigned applicant is unable to give a general description of the boundaries claimed, other than as to lands bordering on the Ahupuaa of Honouliuli, but intends to have filed with the Honorable Commission a full survey and plot of the said land upon which she intends to adduce proof as to the Boundaries of said land.

Very Respectfully
A. A. Haalelea

By her Attorney at Law,
R. H. Stanley

Honolulu, June 23, 18731

Below is a supplement to the application from R. H. Stanley, on behalf of Haalelea.

Honolulu, June 24th 1873
Hon. W. P. Kamakau
Commissioner of Boundaries for the Island of Oahu,
Hawaiian Islands,


Herewith please find under cover “Memoranda on the Boundaries of Honouliuli” as furnished by Mr. Alexander, Government Surveyor; which please annex as part and parcel of application delivered you yesterday.

So soon as the Survey now in progress is completed, full field notes together with a plot or map of the Boundaries of Honouliuli, as claimed, will be furnished.

I am, Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Svt.
R. H. Stanley
Attorney for Mrs. A. A. Haalelea
owner of the Ahupuaa of Honouliuli.

The memorandum below was filed with the above supplement on the same day, June 24, 1873. It describes the boundaries between Honouliuli and the adjacent lands.

Memoranda on the Boundary of Honouliuli.

1.    The boundary between this land and Hoaeae was first surveyed by J. Metcalf May 29, 1848, and the “Kula” of Hoaeae was awarded to L. Rees by this survey.

See Award 193, Volume 1, p. 536.

Starting from a stake at makai S.W. corner of Hoaeae at Kaulu, Metcalf’s survey runs as follows:

I.  – North 45° 30’ W. 54 chains – 54.20 in orig. field book – 13 3/12 feet to a point in the old road on mauka side of gulch near mauka N.W. corner of Namauu’s land.

(from a long stone in the wall at mauka N.W. angle of Namauu’s land, it is N. 72 1/2° W. 7.30 ch. to the above mentioned point in the old road)

II.  Thence N. 47° 15’ W. 42.90 ch. to a rock by the road called Pohaku Palahalala.

III.  Thence N. 29° 45’ W. 29.30 ch. to a stone marked × by the road.

IV.  Thence N. 31° 15’ W. 71 ch. to rock marked + by the road;

V.  Thence N. 33° 15’ W. 97.30 ch. to a large wiliwili tree;

VI.  Thence N. 44° 45’ W. 57.40 ch. to old Kukui tree;

VII.  Thence N. 29° 30’ W. 64.20 ch. to a pile of stones on North upper bank of Ekahanui gulch;

VIII.  Thence N. 32° 15’ E. 45.30 ch. along Lihue to a Kukui tree marked A in clump of Kukui trees;

IX.  Thence N. 36° 15’ E. 55.30 chains along Lihue to a large Kukui tree, marked B, at bottom ledge of Waikele gulch (Manawaielelu in field book) at mauka N.W. corner of Hoaeae.

2.   The boundary of Honouliuli next follows the line between it and the Ili of Pouhala in the Ahupuaa of Waikele or more particularly, that part of Pouhala which belonged to the heirs of Luluhiwalani, and now belongs to J. Robinson. This part of Pouhala was conveyed to them by Royal Patent 4486, by a survey made by J. H. Sleeper in March 1859. His survey was made independently of Metcalf’s survey of the adjoining land of Hoaeae, and I have not ascertained how well they agree. As near as I can ascertain the boundary between Pouhala and Lihue according to Sleeper’s survey would be as follows: –

(X. – N. 26 1/4° W. 4.07 ch. 

XI. N. 24 1/4° W. 31.17 ch.

XII.) N. 25 1/4° W. 15.61 ch. to rock at the western corner of this Pouhala.

3.   Honouliuli next borders on a portion of Pouhala which belongs to his Majesty, being a Crown land. I know of no survey of it.

4.   The next land bordering on Honouliuli is Waikakalaua, a Crown Land. By an old survey made in 1846, the boundary between Waikakalaua and Lihue runs as follows, beginning at the corner of Pouhala: N. 30° W. 37 chains; N. 23° W. 24.35 ch.; N. 23 1/2° W. 27.87 ch. to corner of Waianae and Waikakalaua.

5.   The boundary of Waianae has been described by natural landmarks in a decision made by the Boundary Commissioner, W. P. Kamakau, Sept. 4, 1869.

6.    A survey was made of the land of Nanakuli which is a subdivision of Waianae bordering on Honouliuli by William Webster. Mr. Coney has a copy of his map.2

1Boundaries of the Ahupuaa of Honouliuli, Oahu, Boundary Commission Volume 1, p. 131–133.


There are thousands of references contributing to the history of Honouliuli Ahupuaa. From those references are found classes of information covering such topics as

•  Residency: land ownership and access;
•  Paakai: salt making;
•  Kai lawaia: fisheries and access;
•  Ranches and the land development programs in Honouliuli;
•  Water development, railroads, and the Ewa Plantation; and
•  Military condemnation of Honouliuli lands and offshore waters.

The selected narratives categorized as Land Use: Development Period provide eyewitness accounts to historic events. While there are few identifiable references for the immediate area of the Hoakalei program, the narratives give us an historical context for understanding changes on the land since western Contact.

Anaderia A. Haalelea, Levi Haalelea’s widow, leased a portion of Honouliuli Ahupuaa and the fishery to James I. Dowsett in 1865.

This Indenture of Lease made this first day of April A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Five between Anaderia Amoi Haalelea, widow of Levi Haalelea deceased of the first part and James I. Dowsett of Honolulu … of the second part. Witnesseth: That the party of the first part doth hereby lease unto the party of the second part his representatives and assigns all that portion of the Ahupuaa of Honouliuli and the Sea adjoining which has not hereto fore been leased by M. Kekauonohi and Levi Haalelea, the said Ahupuaa of Honouliuli being situated in the District of Ewa, Island of Oahu.

To have and to hold the same with all the rights, privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging unto the said party of the second part … for the term of six years from the first date of April A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Five at a yearly rent of Five Hundred Dollars, the first yearly payment to be made on the 5th day of April A.D. 1866 and so on thereafter until the expiration of the term.1


1Liber 19, p. 183, April 1, 1865.