Kepā Maly and Onaona Pomroy Maly completed a review of all the original land title records of the Hawaiian Kingdom recorded during the Māhele ‘Āina (Land Division) between the years 1847 and 1855. For the first time, all of the Māhele records have been compiled in one collection, and the original Hawaiian-language documents of the Native Register and Testimony collections were translated by Kepā Maly for this program. The results provide readers with significant documentation coming from those who lived on and knew the land in a traditional manner. The Māhele documents describe land use, residency, and the practices of the families of Honouliuli and its smaller land subdivisions. With this information, we are able better to understand the history and cultural landscape of Honouliuli. While much has changed in the last 170 years, the spirit of place, the named places, and lives of those who came before us are still present on the land. Their history adds value to our own lives and community.

Helu 9351/827: The Claim of Kauakahilau

Claimant: Kauakahilau
Location: ‘Ili of Poohilo
Recorded at: Honouliuli
Status: Not awarded1

Native Register I am Kauakahilau, the one who has a mooaina claim in the ili land of Poohilo, Honouliuli, Ewa, Oahu. Kumuahune is the name. The boundaries as pointed out are: North, Ohuaniho; South, Kalokoloa; East, adjoin the place of Moomoo; West [South] the stream and the Kula at Hopenui; West, adjoining the wall.

Helu 8878: The Claim of Kou

Claimant: Kou
Location: [No location]
Recorded at: Honouliuli
Date: Feb. 14, 1848
Status: Not awarded

Native Register Aloha to you Commissioners who Confirm. I hereby tell you of my claim, there in Honouliuli, it is a pa waina (grape orchard) which I planted, and the work is rightly known.

By S. Kou1

1Book 4, p. 396, Feb. 14, 1848.

Helu 8658: The Claim of Kapoli

Claimant: Kapoli
Location: ‘Ili of Kumupali and Loloulu
Recorded at: Honouliuli
Date: Feb. 1, 1848
Status: Not awarded

Native Register Aloha to you Commissioners who Quiet Land Claims. I am Kapoli and I tell you of my claim, a lo and some kula land and a kio (pond). Kumupali is the name of the Loi, it is there at Loloulu, in Honouliuli. If it has been previously entered, it is for you to judge me and it. That is mine.