Campbell; James

Great Land Colonization Scheme

The Great Land Colonization Scheme was headed by Benjamin F. Dillingham for lands at Kahuku, Waimea, Kawailoa, and Honouliuli. He formed a joint stock company called the Hawaiian Colonization Land and Trust Company. The company would purchase the lands, and divide and develop them for convenient purchase or lease [8:151–152]. The businessmen associated with the scheme are as follows:

Ranches and the Land Development: Programs in Honouliuli, 1877–1894

Grazing of small herds of cattle, and eventually larger ranching operations, began to develop in Honouliuli by the 1840s. Initially, native tenants and a few foreign residents vied for access to the land. By the 1860s, few native residents could compete, and individuals like Isaac and Daniel Montgomery, John Meek, James Dowsett, and James Campbell came to control the majority of the land in Honouliuli.

Trepassing in a Fishery at Auiole, Honouliuli

The following case regards trespassing in a fishery at Auiole, Honouliuli. It was heard by Justices Judd, Bickerton, and Dole of the Supreme Court of Hawai‘i sitting in banco during the October term in 1892. It was brought by Mew Kuno Tung and twenty others, composing the Fishing Company of Sun Chan Lee, vs. Wong Ka Mau and ten others. By written agreement of parties and counsel Mr. Dole joined in this decision, though he had resigned as a justice of the Supreme Court after argument and before decision.

An Itinerary of the Hawaiian Islands, 1880, with a Description of the Principal Towns and Places of Interest—Developments in the ‘Ewa District and Moanalua

George Bowser, compiler and editor of The Hawaiian Kingdom Statistical and Commercial Directory and Tourists Guide [5], documented various statistics and places of interest throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The following excerpts from Bowser’s publication provide readers with descriptions of travel through the ‘Ewa District at the time. He describes the landscape, communities, and development in the region.