About Us

The Hoakalei Cultural Foundation was established in 2006 to ensure good stewardship of the land and heritage of the ‘Ewa Plain. Its vision is to enable future generations to understand, value and respect the spirit, natural resources and heritage of the ‘Ewa Plain and most importantly, to use it to guide their lives.

The Foundation provides oversight of work to make archaeological sites within the Hoakalei Resort accessible to the community, and is actively creating partnerships with area schools and other groups to pass on knowledge from one generation to the next.

Guided by the legacy of the Foundation’s founders, Kupuna Arline Wainaha Kuuleialoha Brede Eaton and Kupuna Mary Kaipo Malama Serrao, board members, 'ohana and community members work to fulfill the Foundation’s mission.

Hoakalei is home to three preservation areas with oversight provided by the Foundation: the Kauhale, Ahu and Kuapapa Preserves. The Kauhale Preserve includes a federally protected Wetland Preservation Area, which provides vital nesting grounds for the endangered Ae‘o (Hawaiian Stilt), ‘Alae Ke‘oke‘o (Hawaiian Coot) and Koloa Maoli (Hawaiian Duck). The Foundation plans to open a cultural center on the mauka end of the Kauhale Preserve where it will offer place-based educational programs to students, residents and visitors.

In mid July 2012, the board engaged Hawaiian ethnographer Kepā Maly as the executive director of the Foundation. Maly has more than 35 years of experience in research, cultural interpretation, and reporting on Hawaiian history, preservation planning and program development. He and his wife Onaona Pomroy Maly have worked to extend the Foundation’s mission and vision. In March 2013, Hawaiian cultural anthropologist Kim Kalama joined the foundation to oversee daily program activities, continue development of the heritage trail in the Kauhale Preserve, and document traditional-historic sites that fall under the care of the Foundation.

The Hoakalei Cultural Foundation welcomes community members who are interested in learning more about stewardship and cultural programs. To make arrangements for visits and program activities, please contact Kim Kalama at kalama@hoakaleifoundation.org.


E Hana Pono No Ka ‘Āina A Me Ka Ho‘oilina O ‘Ewa

To ensure good stewardship of the land and heritage of the ‘Ewa Plain